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Hotel Interior Design

Forest Resort Interior Design

The design office of Utopia was in charge of the complete redesign and rearrangement of all rooms and interior spaces of the “Forest Resort” on Skiathos island, as well as of the hotel’s façade. The main design idea was to create a hotel with a very nature feel, surrounded by magnificent scenery, which would however offer all the amenities of a city hotel.
The rooms were redrawn and repositioned within the building and fully designed afresh, with all of the beds facing the wonderful view of the pine trees and the Aegean blue. We carefully sculpted every one of the rooms’ elements, in an effort to highlight the beautiful surrounding nature through our choice of colours, materials and textures. Each bedpost, closet and dresser were meticulously designed and crafted so as to underline the room’s overall design, offering functionality, comfort and a natural aesthetic. A similar approach was adopted in designing the rooms’ bathrooms, kitchens and sitting spaces.

Forest Resort Skiathos

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