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Tholos Resort Interior Design

Our design studio was called upon to design and oversee the full refurbishment of the “Tholos Resort” on Santorini Island. All interior and exterior spaces were radically redesigned to give them a touch of luxury and uniqueness. Creative inspiration was drawn from the simplicity of the natural and cultural heritage of Santorini, which we tried to reinterpret in a spirit of sculptural freedom.
Traditional elements are used extensively in our design, but with a contemporary twist. The walls and spaces come to life. Flowing lines and sculptural elements are gradually revealed, in a sequential mystifying experience. The end result excites the senses and challenges contemporary everyday lifestyles. The “Tholos Resort” visitor is welcome to explore and enjoy a luxury experience which goes well beyond the ordinary concept of hospitality.

Caldera View


The objective of redesigning this room was to transform it from an old-fashioned unremarkable space into a top class suite. The room’s strong point is its amazing views. Its redesign and upgrade into a luxury suite aimed to make the most of these views. The space was substantially modified and rearranged. As a result, the visitor now feels that they are waking up, relaxing or swimming in full view of the Caldera, under the shimmering Santorini sunlight.

Caldera View

deluxe suite with private outdoor jacuzzi

The design idea for this suite aimed at creating a cave-like space, with flowing forms and sculptural elements. The coupling of these forms with the Santorini tradition gave us the opportunity to playfully explore and reinterpret the Cycladic architectural motifs. The visitor is invited to discover the stage-like space we have created and to enjoy a unique experience.

Caldera View


For this very special project, our design studio was called upon to transform a traditional Captain’s Mansion into a contemporary experience of the senses. In order to achieve this, we created a free-flowing sequence of spaces. The flowing organic forms are gradually revealed as we walk through the subspaces they create, in an almost sensual experience. The natural landscape of Santorini meets local architectural tradition, in a unique blend.

Gallery Tholos Resort Santorini

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