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Tholos Resort Interior Design

Deluxe Suite with Private Outdoor Jacuzzi

The design idea for this suite aimed at creating a cave-like space, with flowing forms and sculptural elements. The coupling of these forms with the Santorini tradition gave us the opportunity to playfully explore and reinterpret the Cycladic architectural motifs. The visitor is invited to discover the stage-like space we have created and to enjoy a unique experience.

Technical Specifications

Santorini, Imerovigli

2015 – 2016



33 m2

Tholos Resort Interior Design


This suite was conceived from the start as a sensual hideaway. The master bedroom is dominated by a large-scale subtly erotic sculptural mural of provocative curves and sharp contrasts. Soft-flowing liquid forms make every room unique, intimate and inviting. The second bedroom is almost secluded, built into the most private cavity of this exceptional space.

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