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White Cave Suites Interior Design

When we first visited this property, located in the traditional village of Karterados, on Santorini island, all we found was two abandoned underground caves and two derelict buildings, no larger than 16 m2 each. Each cave had a unique façade, as they had been constructed during different time periods.
The main design idea focused on highlighting every unique feature of the already existing structures, emphasising them and incorporating them in our design in an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing manner. The project was separated into four sections: the design of the two underground spaces of different character, based on the few remaining elements and on the shape of the caves; the creation of a third apartment by unifying the two derelict overground structures; and finally the design of the exterior spaces. We initially designed the entrance façades of the caves and then we arranged and designed each and every element of their interiors. We then designed the two overground structures. We transformed the first space into a one-bedroom apartment. We created an atrium, to connect the first building to the second, and used it to install a swimming pool. A spacious sitting lounge was created in the second building. Finally, we focused on the design of the external entrance from the traditional village into the yard of this complex.

Caldera View


Villa Eutopia was created on the remains of a derelict structure which was the extension of an underground cave. The reconstruction of the building and the cave gave us the opportunity to create a completely new arrangement of these spaces.

Caldera View


Villa Kanava was created by rebuilding and redesigning an underground cave and a derelict overground structure next to the cave’s main entrance. The possibility to modify the interior of the cave gave us the opportunity to redesign the space from scratch.

Caldera View

VILLA LALA - Design & Implementation

“Villa Lala” was created on the remains of the two buildings of an old country residence in the traditional village of Karterados, in Santorini. Our design proposal maintains the existing core structures and expands on them. The first has been redesigned as a bedroom with a bench for toiletries and cosmetics and an en-suite WC. The outdoor area between the two buildings has been redesigned as an atrium with a pool and a jacuzzi, while the second building has been used as a lounge area with a clothes closet, a shower and a mini-bar. The villa is arranged in an L shape, where the pool and atrium act as the unifying element, both visually and spatially.

White Cave Suites


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