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White Cave Suites Interior Design

Canava Villa

Villa Kanava was created by rebuilding and redesigning an underground cave and a derelict overground structure next to the cave’s main entrance. The possibility to modify the interior of the cave gave us the opportunity to redesign the space from scratch.

Technical Specifications

Santorini, Karterados

2019 – 2020


On going project

67 m2

White Cave Suites Interior Design


We began with the entrance, where we adopted a slightly different shape for the dome than the one used in Villa Eutopia. We used the building next to the cave and created a pool area. By installing this water element next to the building entrance we offer our guest the element of surprise and a unique view from the lounge area of the villa which also serves as the entrance area. Here too we chose to showcase the cave dome as an uninterrupted visible continuum, by using glass surfaces to separate the subspaces. As a result, the each new space is gradually revealed as we move deeper into the cave area. In order to allow free movement into the cave and a unified experience of the space, all functional elements, such as closets, bookcases etc. have been designed in the traditional Santorini style and have been placed onto the side walls of the cave.

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