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White Cave Suites Interior Design

Lala Villa

“Villa Lala” was created on the remains of the two buildings of an old country residence in the traditional village of Karterados, in Santorini. Our design proposal maintains the existing core structures and expands on them. The first has been redesigned as a bedroom with a bench for toiletries and cosmetics and an en-suite WC. The outdoor area between the two buildings has been redesigned as an atrium with a pool and a jacuzzi, while the second building has been used as a lounge area with a clothes closet, a shower and a mini-bar. The villa is arranged in an L shape, where the pool and atrium act as the unifying element, both visually and spatially.

Technical Specifications

Santorini, Karterados

2019 – 2020


On going project

32 m2

White Cave Suites Interior Design


In our architectural proposal, we select a number of hues and textures for the stone and paint, creating a mixture of old and new styles which mark and underline the edge of each space. The elements and materials used to furnish the spaces have been similarly selected.

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