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Botanical garden design in park Floisvos

The objective of this project was the creation of contemporary botanical gardens within the popular seafront Park Floisvos, which would inspire the visitors and especially children to explore and love nature.

An interplay of the senses is provoked by the landscape design of this botanical garden, where colours, scents and the variety of forms are merged into a hymn for the nature of the Mediterranean.

The design uses symbolisms drawn from the sub-tropical floral kingdom. The leaf-and-flower master-plan creates sub-spaces, paths and parterres which provide the casual stroller with a sequence of experiences that stimulate the senses.

The educational value of this spacial arrangement comes via experiential learning and reflective observation, rather than by didactic instruction. Children can stroll in and out of the “room of colours”, the “room of scents”, the “room of textures”, the “mediterranean parterres” and the “labyrinth”, they can touch, feel and learn in the same way that they’d learn in an open-air interactive children’s’ museum.