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Athens, 11741 Greece
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Utopia Landscapes as one of the top 44 International Landscape Architecture Offices – Published in ‘ARCHITECTURE TODAY LANDSCAPES’

Utopia landscapes is a creative architectural office which specializes in landscape design, urban planning and hotel design. Founded in 2005 by the landscape architect Anastasios Tserpelis, it has accumulated substantial experience in the design and implementation of landscape plans in both the public and the private sphere.

Each project space is studied independently and transformed after a process of careful observation, inspiration and creative design. The focus is on underlining the qualitative contribution of the ‘green design’ and ensuring a harmonious relationship between the proposal for regeneration and the broader architectural and natural surroundings of the area under study.

The Botanical Garden in Park Floisvos. The objective of this project was to create a neoteristic botanical garden, with symbolisms drawn from the floral kingdom, which would inspire the visitors and especially the children. An interplay of the senses is provoked by the landscape design of this botanical garden, where colours, scents and the variety of forms are merged into a hymn for the nature of the Mediterranean.